Sunday, April 19, 2009

Well now we move up to 2008, September, I happened to see my written exam was due to expire at the end of the month!!!!

I contaced Jim Leon who had just become a fixed wing examiner and he said I needed 3 hours dual with a CFI and a sign-off before I could show up for his test.

I found an old friend, Bob Bossy, who was still active as a CFI and convinced him to fly with me. Well when he showed up at my hanger and saw that my Challenger didn't have doors on it, he got a little apprehensive. I convinced him it was truly safe and strapped him into the back seat.

We took off and I let him fly from the back seat and had to show him how to "step on the wind" for co-ordination. 3 hours later he commented that this was a nice aircraft after all!!

He took the time to make sure I was up on the latest rules and airspaces and signed me off to go see Jim for my check ride.

More to come