Sunday, November 11, 2007

More to come

That's it for now, but there will be more history on it's way.

Frank "WOOF!" Beagle

How I learned how to fly

Having fun at small Airshows I anounce for here in Illinois.

Sharing the air

Just up with one of my Students Leo Richard, teaching him the finess of flying...


Flying....... isn't that what life's all about? If your answer is no, yer no aviator, ye just be a ground pounder....

War Birds

I just love this shot..... This is the Challenger II that I'm currently flying. It has been converted to ELSA N97FB, has 487 hours on it, and still looks as good as when I recieved it in 1997...

It gets interesting

When Mark and I are waiting for the action start, we get visitors from the EAA, FAA, friends, you name it...

Mark Lisitzka

I think that's how to spell Mark's last name... we met over 20yrs ago in the very early days of U/L flying. After Vernon quit doing Oshkosh with me Mark volunteered and we've been having a blast ever since...

The "Voice"

In 1987 or so the powers to be at Oshkosh handed me a bullhorn and told me to entertain the fence hangers.... so I have been at it for quite a while, this is a shot of my good friend Vernon Peckham down at Sun N Fun about 1990 or so....


Then I received my Basic Flight Instructor endorsement, added a Side Car to my "Dactyl, and started teaching...

A new toy

So I purchased a used Pterodactyl, completely rebuilt it, and went out and had FUN!!

Last flight

In '93 I was convinced to retire my Easy Riser.. it had over 1000 hours on the airframe, and the dope was starting to peel off the fabric. However in 1986 it brought home a trophy from Oshkosh!

1st to fly Pioneer

In 1989 I recived a phone call from Oshkosh, Chuck Stephenson wanted me to approve the newly proposed U/L runway for the next season. So with permission from Paul and Tom Poberezny I flew from Pioneer!!

Oshkosh 85

On the runway waiting for Bob Stroud to give me the flag for take-off...

Oshkosh '81

My 1st trip to Oshkosh with no ground crew, every thing strapped on for the weeks event, took us 3 days to get there, but what a thrill!!

Sun N Fun

This was taken in 1981 at Sun N Fun. Just letting it ALL hang out ;<)

How I started back in '79

Yes , that's me in the middle, beard and all, 160lbs, what a handsome devil!