Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2495 hour student pilot

Here I am after flying 2495 hours in different ,U/Ls, after being a BFI/Examiner, after having helped 50+ people how to fly, I'm a student pilot again!!

So I went out and got the King Sport pilot course and started studying. I waited until I scored 98 - 100% on their practice tests and then I took my written FAA test.
I passed with only a 78%!?!?!?!? I called the Kings and apparently the FAA made some changes they were not aware of!!

Next, I've got to find a CFI, teach him how to fly my Challenger so that I have the rquired 3 hours of dual and a sign off to get my check ride.....

Keep you all posted.....

Oh yes, by the way this was in 2006

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